Contact lens safety in kids

There is no doubt that the best first choice for myopia control is a contact lens option, which both corrects ametropia and shows reliable myopia control efficacy. One of the key barriers to pediatric contact lens wear is concern about safety, however, for both practitioners and parents. Mark Bullimore1 recently published a meta-analysis of pediatric soft contact lens studies (SCL) …

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Clinical Myopia Management (Lecture)

This one hour lecture, delivered to final year QUT optometry students in August 2017, covers the ‘why’ of myopia control; understanding the relative risks of doing something versus doing nothing; a brief literature review of mechanisms and options; putting it into practice and clinical resources available online. Since, then, my message on efficacy has been updated and simplified, but the …

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Does the risk of fitting OrthoK in kids outweigh the myopia control benefits?

This is an important question because the scientific data increasingly points towards contact lenses as our best option for myopia control. Embracing active myopia management in practice means embracing paediatric contact lens fitting. Is contact lens wear more dangerous than a higher level of myopia? Ian Flitcroft, an ophthalmologist and prolific writer provides a sobering association between increasing myopia and …

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